Ivana Basilotta campaign Ivana Basilotta naked

Stretching beyond my comfort zone with all my flaws and inhibitions I have let go of my clothes, wearing only a pair of my own designed vegan heels, posing naked in front of a camera …no big deal …  right….. Damn… this felt vulnerable and exposed, I tensed with fear, fear of being judged by my body’s imperfections, the camera lens directly focused at me.   

I did the only thing I could do at that moment, I turned my own focus inwards and accepted my skin with all its imperfections.  Like a passport to move ahead my acceptance put me at ease and furnished me with the freedom and playfulness for the lens to capture.


One of the most valuable parts of me that I possess, my skin a sensory machine with a perfect functionality my skin picks up energy fields, my skin is my sensor for sensuality and pain.  We feel so much through our skin the softness of a touch, the kisses of a lover and the harshness of a push.  

Our animals have the same sensitivity, they are as vulnerable and as exposed, an animal’s love is unconditional and they feel beyond what we can possibly imagine.  The greatest tragedy of our time, is the betrayal of our animals, robbing them of their skin and flesh, wiping out rare and beautiful species that are the core of our own being, to turn them into handbags and shoes. 


Posing naked, in my skin, for NO ONE’S SKIN, sustainable luxury

What the camera captured,

exposed, pure, wild, naked, my skin their skin



Ivana x

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