Ivana Basilotta Ivana Basilotta

We were born to Shine, we all possess the ability to go beyond what we perceive as our boundaries, that’s why we have dreams our dreams are like an imprint calling us to fulfill our deepest desires.    We are able to tap into our own magic as unique beings and shine we can invoke our brilliantness with new ways of thinking and feeling about oneself. 

One of the best pieces of advice I have ever read was that to ‘get one’s creative juices flowing is to create a new space in one’s home’. Our homes and surroundings are an extension of ourselves; by letting go of the old we can create space for newness in our lives.  I apply the same principle to the way I feel and think of finding new ways of thinking and feeling gets me to new experiences.  Creating a new and fresh space ever so often to refresh our lives with new ideas and possibilities will make us the wonderful beings we truly are meant to be. 

We were born to SHINE, No One’s Skin, leather-free heels get high to shine, designed by Ivana Basilotta offers luxury vegan shoes made from the finest sustainable materials. 

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