‘Veganuary’ and Video of how to make a footwear pattern, luxury vegan shoes

Ivana Basilotta how to make a footwear pattern spy sandal video

My four-min. video will give you a glimpse of how I put my designs into reality, scroll down to watch how I created the footwear pattern on the shoe last, for style Spy my kaki vegan sandals with the red lining. I have never witnessed such an explosion in veganism, 2018 started with ‘Veganuary’, the newspapers and magazines are full of features about veganism, as a Vegan I am so grateful for the internet that provides us with the tools to share freely the knowledge that previously was kept behind closed doors.  I always have been utterly convinced that when given the choice the majority of us will make intelligent decisions.  I do not believe for one moment that any of us would want to see our water or rivers polluted with chemicals or witness the cruelty and suffering and emotional turmoil of animals and then consume a burger believing it will nurture our body and mind.
Whilst at one time leather was considered a superior natural product, cheap leather goods are now available worldwide.  Most of us forget that leather is the skin of an animal, often cut out prematurely from the mother’s womb to maintain the softness of the leather.    Animal skin like human skin would decompose naturally, if not treated with a variety of chemicals, a process known as tanning. Without this type of treatment animal skins would simply fall apart just like human skin. These chemicals used on leather are considered to be a major source of pollution. 
Using leather in today’s advanced world is a very primitive way of manufacturing accessories and footwear.  In my experience shoes made from leather soles are the most uncomfortable footwear I have experienced wearing, every single leather sole I once used, I resoled with a rubber sole, as I could feel every little stone piercing through when walking, my feet would get wet in the rain, in addition they were extremely slippery. I never could understand why shoe makers would use leather for soles and claim it to be a luxury product when it was so impracticable and uncomfortable.  And whilst we have access to superior materials.    
Love always
Ivana xx

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