portrait Ivana Basilotta Fashion designer  No Ones's Skin Luxury Vegan shoes

Ivana Basilotta is the founder and creative director of the luxury vegan footwear brand NO ONE’S SKIN. NO ONE'S SKIN does not use animal skins Ivana Basilotta finds leather and fur to be primitive products of the past.  

Born in Germany of Italian parents, Ivana Basilotta grew up acutely environmentally aware. Now based in Kensington London, Ivana designs and develops innovative shoe collections for the luxury vegan footwear brand NO ONE'S SKIN.  Ivana is a fashion designer that has been a vegetarian turned vegan most of her life. She feels  it is vital to understand the horrors of the leather industry and the impact this has on our environment and humanity. 

Fashion gets so much attention; it can be a beautiful platform to be creative using ideas, thoughts, expression and messages. The founding ethos of NO ONE'S SKIN is that fashion is cyclical like everything in life; everything has been done but needs to be done again better, fresher and in an expansive forward moving innovative way.  NO ONE'S SKIN products are vegan, environmentally friendly and most importantly no animals are harmed in the sourcing of materials or in production of this exquisite range of footwear.

Most People consider leather a superior natural product, Ivana Basilotta of NO ONE'S SKIN emphatically states that this is a myth pedalled by the leather industry.   "leather is animal skin that decomposes naturally, if it were not processed with a mass of chemicals, a process known as tanning. Without some form of treatment animal skins would simply rot and fall apart. The chemical cocktails used on leather are considered by environmentalists to be a major source of pollution.”  Ivana experienced for many years how difficult it was to find beautiful animal friendly, cruelty free shoes and accessories, it eventually lead her to create her own luxury vegan footwear brand NO ONE'S SKIN.

 "We have access to an abundance of new, innovative and sustainable materials made from plant based polymers with naturally renewable sources, grains, seeds, and recycled fibres which have exquisite properties that are far superior to leather "

Ivana Basilotta has sourced the most innovative, luxurious and environmentally friendly alternatives to leathers, and created a beautiful luxurious vegan footwear collection NO ONE'S SKIN, working with the best footwear manufacturers in Italy and the UK.   

"Our vegan suede is an eco-friendly micro fibre, derived from 100% recycled materials. It is soft, breathable, incredibly comfortable and coloured with nontoxic dyes. NO ONE'S SKIN vegan footwear materials are truly superior and luxurious."

Ivana Basilotta through her revolutionary NO ONE'S SKIN 100% vegan brand believes non-leather shoes and accessories should be available in every retail store, just like vegan options are available on every menu and vegan cosmetic products in every beauty store.

NO ONE’S SKIN branches out into everything that is beautiful; "Being smart is beautiful, we are all very capable of making beautiful choices, we deserve to have the best vegan footwear, the best is when it is not detrimental to our environment, when it doesn’t support the horrific massacre of our animal kingdom. We deserve to have luxury 100 % vegan footwear and accessories choices in our shoe stores and we deserve to enjoy our fashion moments and live in a world that strives to live without cruelty in a beautiful environment. "

 “YOU RULE THE WORLD, move your thoughts for change towards the things you would like to see in your designer shoe stores, if you can’t see NO ONE'S SKIN vegan cruelty free shoes ask for them, write an email to the buyers and suggest your favoured cruelty free designer brand.”

NO ONE'S SKIN bring awareness and create change.  

“The animal kingdom keeps our planet in balance in ways humans cannot, animal well-being is our well-being. “